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Measure S

Measure S

Measure S establishes a Community Bill of Rights for the people of Mendocino County, built on the right to local community self governance, in order to exercise and secure our unalienable right to protect our health, safety and well being. These rights include the right to live in a healthy and safe ecosystem and the right to protect local water from harm caused by unconventional gas extraction. In order to uphold and protect those rights, this initiative bans all fracking related activities within the County, including the transportation of fracking fluids, and the use of local water for fracking.
Our nation was founded on the concept that government is instituted to secure our unalienable rights and derives it’s just powers from the consent of the governed. Activities such as fracking affect our health and safety, our quality of life, the health of our natural environment as well as our property values and must be decided by the Citizens who live here and who will be directly affected, or there is no “consent of the governed.”
Yet States routinely issue permits to chartered corporations that make it “legal” for them to violate the rights of the people and refuse to recognize our right to say “no!’ to harmful activities.
Measure S challenges those illegitimate laws which violate our fundamental rights. This measure elevates the rights of the people of Mendocino where they belong, above the claimed "rights" of corporations and state agencies that enable fracking corporations to profit from the destruction of local ecosystems and to harm residents and communities.
Measure S protects our water by banning fracking and asserts the right of the people of Mendocino to make those kinds of decisions now and into the future.

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Thank You to all that got Measure S on the ballot

Agnes Woolsey
Alan Spivak
Ali Boecker
Amanda Senseman
Andy Kreamer
Ann Marie Stenberg
Ann Rennacker
Auriel Arthur
Baile Oakes
Beth Brenneman
Beth Riedel
Bill White
Bob Lane
Caitlin Alexander
Carrie Durkee
Charles Wood
Christopher Martin
Cynthia Raiser Jeavons
Danielle Fristoe
Dean Holden
Debbie Starke
Diane Smalley
Dirk Johnson
Doug McKenty
Ed Oberweiser
Freddie Long
Gabriel Geiger
Gail Savarese
Geri Morisky
Holly Madrigal
Irene Malone
JJ DeForest
Jamie Lee
Jane McCabe
Jef Schultz
Jim Tarbell
John Anderson
Joyce Gertler
Judi Berdis
Karen SUE
Karin Uphoff
Karina McAbee
Kelly Larson
Kim Bancroft
Kimbal Dodge
Lanny Cotler
Lil McFadden
Lila Ryan
Linda Jupiter
Linda Posner
Lucas Howerter
Lucy Shido
Lynda McClure
Madge Strong
Marcia Rautenstrauch
Margaret Koster
Maria Teresa Alvarez
Meg Courtney
Melinda Clarke
Michael Dean
Michael Foley
Michael St John
Mike Dean
Millie Harmon
Milly Harmon
Myra Beals
Nancy Wallace-Nelson
Pam Brown
Pam Dent
Pat Collins
Patricia Norris
Paul Jacobson
Paul Lambert
Peggy Backup
Peggy Hilden
Peter Kafin
Peter Norris
Peter White
Prajna Marcus
Rachel Britten
Reba Johnson
Renee Nutcher
Roberta Thomas
Robin Leler
Robin Sunbeam
Roger Kenton
Ron Lippert
Rowan Kaukzak
Sandrea Marshall
Sandy Marshall
Sandy Turner
Sara Anderson
Sara Grusky
Scott Menzies
Shannon Biggs
Sheila Dawn Tracy
Sheila Jenkins
Sheryl Smith
Steve Kovner
Steve Scalmanini
Sue Boecker
Susan Bradley
Susan NutterTammy
Terry Platt
Terry Vaughn
Theresa Wilcox
Thurston Williams
Tim Rice
Valerie Adaire
Vicki Caraway
Willow Rain

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